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Total Escape is the independent travel site for California. Online 18 years, where DanaMite specializes in small towns, rural areas, topo maps, trailheads, wilderness destinations and the back roads. Recreation outfitters, vendors, tour guides, rental shops and outdoor, vacation companies. California local lodges can reach a million eyeballs per year - that are seeking weekends inside California, camping, cabins, inns, motels. Solo ventures, romance or family vacations. Our web development and design skills help us build web sites that customers return to over and over again. Covering a spectrum from outdoorsy tourism and eco-friendly matters, all the way to historic indian sites and quaint beach resorts, we'll cover it all - especially if we really dig it!

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DanaMite specializes in back roads travel in California.
25 years experience - web dev and outdoors.
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DanaMite is Total Escape!

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